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Palletised goods, a growing market to explore

Business Opportunity

Compared to other areas of the Logistics sector, the transport of palletised goods represents
incipient market with vast opportunities for the future as industries seek to minimize
their stock levels in order to reduce financial and storage costs, and increase the 
turnover of their
with ever smaller lots of goods.

Given the growth of this market, becoming part of the Palibex network is an excellent business
for courier and parcel service companies seeking to expand and diversify into
new activities 
such as the express transport of pallets, a new and less congested market in
terms of competition.

But this is also an attractive option for entrepreneurs not currently involved in the transportation
but interested in exploring the opportunities of the logistics sector through a franchise,
permitting them to operate from their region while reaping the benefits of being part of a
national network.

If you are interested in joining PBX and want to receive more information about our franchise
opportunities, contact us at: 
[email protected].

If you are interested in forming part of our team, complete this questionnaire
and send it to our Human Resources Department.

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