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Analysis of the express pallet network situation in Logistics

Analysis of the express pallet network situation in Logistics

Palibex highlighted the boom in the sector and its advantages as a guarantee of speed, traceability and security in deliveries

Palibex attended the ninth edition of the Logistics Madrid, held on 13th and 14th of November at Ifema, Madrid.

Palibex gave its name to the conference room of the Fair and discussed the importance of express pallet racking in the supply chain and the advantages of these specialized services for the transport of goods, especially for daily consumption.

The round table was moderated by the Network Director of Palibex, José Antonio Mangas, and it was attended by three experts who know the sector from different perspectives: Alfredo Noya, Business Development Manager Spain & Portugal of Ticontract; Alberto Fernández de Larrea, Business Development Director of Amara and Marcos Fierro, IT consultant with extensive experience in management positions in multinationals.

All the speakers agreed that pallet racking provides immediacy in deliveries and responds to shipments of smaller lots at a time marked by the reduction of stock in industries. They also highlighted its value as a guarantee of delivery and synonymous to safety, traceability and specialized service.

After recalling the early days, when pallets began to be moved in small quantities and relatively quickly, Palibex’s Network Director highlighted the great evolution that the sector has undergone until the appearance of this company. “From being considered an activity that came to cover a gap in the market, which was divided between the parcel service and the complete load, it has become an important and priority pillar for the supply chain,” said José Antonio Mangas.

Alfredo Noya, Business Development Manager Spain & Portugal of Ticontract, which offers cloud-based logistics solutions for e-procurement and transport cost management, highlighted the increase in pallet racking as a specific solution for the industrial world. “About 45% of the break-bulk business managed on our platform corresponds to pallet racking,” he said.

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An idea confirmed in Logistics Madrid by Alberto Fernández de Larrea, Business Development Director of Amara, “Our activity as pallet users has increased from 15 to 70% and we use pallets to transport products such as solar panels, without registering any incidents”, he commented.

Urgent pallet racking is a great opportunity for the SMEs because it allows them to compete with multinationals and to build up customer loyalty. One example, said Noya, is retail, a sector where direct deliveries to stores for partial orders are increasingly common.

Because it is a more ecological, efficient and technological solution, the speakers believe that pallet shops can also provide solutions to the last mile, one of the most worrying problems in transport. “Delivering a pallet in time is what will make the difference,” said IT consultant Marcos Fierro, who also highlighted the importance of bringing technology in order to help the customers.


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