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Palibex launches an LTL service

The Express Pallet Network launches a new service for groupage and break-bulk

Palibex continues to work normally despite coronavirus

The company will prioritize consumer good of first necessity

The internationalization of Palibex

The Network opens regular trips to England, France, Germany and Italy

Analysis of the express pallet network situation in Logistics

Palibex highlighted the boom in the sector and its advantages as a guarantee of speed, traceability and security in deliveries

Trans Escapa joins Palibex

The Girona-based company will reinforce the services of this network with France

Palibex, express pallet delivery services

We are the only network in the Spanish market that guarantees deliveries before ten o'clock in the morning through our ...

Palibex, fast pallet delivery services

Know more about this freight transport company

Palibex, overnight transport services

Know more about this freight transport company

Success of the VII Palibex Convention in Santander

250 people from the Network have enjoyed an interesting work meeting and a variety of leisure and sporting activities in ...

Santosevale joins Palibex

The network will reduce transit times in Portugal

Palibex commitment with the environment

Modernising the transport sector also means reducing energy consumption and working towards environmental sustainability

Palibex inaugurates the VIII Encuentro Alimarket Logística Gran Consumo

Jaime Colsa defended the need to modernize logistics through people

Palibex will move 100,000 more pallets than the previous year

The christmas campaign is being really successful, registering activity peaks of almost 3,500 pallets per night.

Palibex aspires to be the best transport company in Spain

Palibex, the first and only urgent pallet transport network with 100% spanish capital is still a young company but aspires ...

Palibex receives the 2018 Titan Finance Award

This prestigious award, granted by ECOFIN, recognizes the innovative effort of Spanish companies

Palibex, five years of growth and innovation

Report on the evolution of Palibex in the Special Road Transport of the magazine News Logística

We are going to be the best transport company in Spain

Marc Martin, Teledeporte journalist, and Marcos Blanco, ESIC social networking expert, were some of the guests at the Palibex Network ...

Palibex announces its primary strategies for 2018

The happiness of the employees will be the main line for the company, ready to make more visible and attractive ...

Palibex creates PBX 10:00 to shorten transit times

PBX 10:00 is the service with the biggest time commitment of the industrial pallet transportation to date.

Finalist in the 2017 EnerticAwards

For the implementation of innovative technological solutions to improve energy efficiency and sustainability

Reducing transit times will be the main axis of Palibex

The company values opening new regional hubs, strengthening corridors and creating more direct routes

Palibex is one of the fastest growing logistics companies in Europe

About to turn five years old, the Network has attended SIL 2017 with a new slogan: 'Different, Unique, Better'