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Palibex-pbx 10
Palibex creates PBX 10:00 to shorten transit times

Palibex creates PBX 10:00 to shorten transit times

PBX 10:00 is the service with the biggest time commitment of the industrial pallet transportation to date.

In its eagerness to continue shortening transit times and improving its services, the over night transport network Palibex is launching PBX 10, a new delivery service with the most demanding time commitment in this country for shipments of palletized goods.

The possibility of making deliveries before 10 a.m. once again makes this network a pioneer in the Spanish market and one of the few pallet networks in Europe that are capable of offering this demanding service.

10:00 is a further step in Palibex’s effort to become the most urgent network in the country and to continue modernizing industrial pallet racking with innovative services that bring it closer more advanced sectors such as couriers. After adding to its express (24 h.) and economic (48 h.) services, the a.m. (before noon) and PBX TODAY (direct deliveries on the same day) Palibex incorporates PBX 10 to provide service to customers who are early risers. “We are demonstrating that we can be the fastest and offer services from markets more advanced than ours,” says Palibex CEO Jaime Colsa.

60% of the pallets transported by the Network can be delivered in the morning through the a.m. and the 10:00 service. A figure that corresponds to the places demand these urgent services the most. In general, towns that are located in areas near major capitals such as Madrid or Barcelona.

10:00, which will be a premium service, is especially suitable for high value-added products such as drinks, preserves and daily consumer items.

Palibex has planned the routes well and has revised the procedures because, as they explain, “to be able to make such an urgent delivery is necessary to coordinate many delegations, vehicles and people. This will be helped by the new operating regulations that the Network has launched at the end of 2017 based on the experience accumulated over five years of trajectory.

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