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Palibex inaugurates the VIII Encuentro Alimarket Logística Gran Consumo

Palibex inaugurates the VIII Encuentro Alimarket Logística Gran Consumo

Jaime Colsa defended the need to modernize logistics through people

Alimarket has invited the founder and CEO of Palibex, Jaime Colsa, to inaugurate the VIII Encuentro de Logística Gran Consumo, a leading event in the sector, which in this edition was dedicated to talent and technology as a competitive advantage in the Supply Chain.

Jaime Colsa focused his speech on the need to modernise the logistics sector and make it more visible through people. Something that, from his point of view, can only be achieved if companies focus on their workers and place them at the center of the company, above shareholders and customers “making it easier for them to find the best in themselves and enjoy their work,” he said.

Colsa explained that Palibex distinguishes itself by offering the fastest service in the country, by having a cleaner and safer operation and a more decentralized and collaborative model. The company was founded by a multidisciplinary team that came from other sectors and entered a market that demanded more and more urgent services. But, above all, “it differentiates itself because of its commitment to people,” that is, because it works to make its employees happier. In this regard, the entrepreneur claimed the importance of paying workers well and offering them the best professional and personal conditions. An objective that the company pursues through the Palibex Sonríe Plan, which includes work-life balance measures or nutrition and physiotherapy programs, among others.

Throughout his presentation, Jaime Colsa showed examples of how the company is making logistics visible through projects related to solidarity, sport or art such as the collaboration with Movember, the Dakar rally or Truck Art Project, an innovative initiative that shows cutting-edge art aboard trucks.

Our goal, the businessman finally said, “is not only to have the best transport company in Spain, but also that logistics can attract the talent of the best professionals as much as technological companies or the world of banking do”. To say goodbye, he sent an optimistic message to the public, so that both companies and professional associations claim the attractiveness of logistics for new generations and its value for the economy and employment.

Together with Jaime Colsa, executives from companies such as Kiwoko-Masquepet, Euromadi Iberia, Procter and Gamble, Heineken España, Congelados de Navarra, Industrias Lácteas Asturianas, Privalia Carrefour, Supermercados Sánchez Romero, Grupo Uvesco, or Frit Ravich also took part in the Alimarket forum.

Retail logistics, customer focus, ideas and technologies for efficiency, the best ecommerce service or technology for the last mile were some of the topics addressed throughout the day.

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