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Santosevale joins Palibex

Santosevale joins Palibex

The network will reduce transit times in Portugal

Palibex has gained strength in Portugal with the addition of the operator Santosevale which, from now on, will become its strategic partner in this country.

The arrival of Santosevale is great news for the Palibex urgent transport network, as it implies an even greater improvement in the transit and delivery times offered, something that has been the pilar of the company since its origins.


Santosevale also celebrate the decision and affirm that it will be key to grow and achieve their goals in Spain. For them, the search for an Iberian partner that would offer customers an excellent quality service, in the same strategic line of what they do in Portugal, was obligatory. “Many of our objectives and quality policies are shared by Palibex, which guarantees us an association and a market approach in tune and with a single voice”, they point out. 

The main objective shared by both companies is, according to Santosevale, to seek leadership in the logistics and transport sector: “Having a partner that has the vision of being the reference network for the urgent transport of palletized goods is very important because it guarantees that they will strive to certify the efficiency and quality of the service that we also promise to our customers,” they add.

palibex- santos e vale

Santosevale, which bases its activity on the quality and trust of its services, has committed itself to do “everything in its power to increase the reputation of the Palibex network and brand among its clients in the Portuguese market, offering a fast, safe and reliable service“. 

Finally, the Portuguese company highlights having chosen Palibex as a partner due to its leading position and innovation in the Spanish market. A position that, according to the Portuguese operator, “is different from other companies that offer an Iberian distribution network limited to what exists in the market, without seeking new solutions for customers”. 


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