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Palibex commitment with the environment

Palibex commitment with the environment

Modernising the transport sector also means reducing energy consumption and working towards environmental sustainability

Since Palibex began operating, the company identifies and evaluates all aspects of its activity that may impact the environment and establishes measures to control and minimize their effects. This commitment includes the choice of its suppliers, the responsible consumption of resources at its facilities and the management of waste in accordance with current legislation.

Thanks to Palibex’s efforts in this area, the company builds trust amongst its customers and employees by offering to work in cleaner facilities that respect the environment.

With the implementation of the “Zero Zone”, which allows franchisees to interact directly, Palibex is succeeding in reducing the number of kilometres travelled and generates less environmental impact and a more sustainable attitude towards the environment. In the last year, it has also increased the density of its deliveries, which means a reduction in costs and an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions.

All company departments are committed to improving energy efficiency and the Network promotes measures such as the optimisation of truck loads through new technologies, the use of electric forklift trucks and responsible consumption that respects the three R’s (reuse, recycle and reduce).

The use of mobile applications to eliminate delivery notes or paper invoices, the promotion of more efficient driving, the donation of unused electronic devices, the segregation of waste at a clean point or the use of LED lights are other measures that Palibex has implemented to reduce energy consumption.

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