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Palibex announces its primary strategies for 2018

Palibex announces its primary strategies for 2018

The happiness of the employees will be the main line for the company, ready to make more visible and attractive its sector

The opening of new regional hubs, the creation of new corridors and direct routes will be Palibex’s main line in the Network area. Soon new facilities in Barcelona will be opened – as a replica of the Madrid hub and operated 100% by their own staff – which will allow more international traffic and greater immediacy in deliveries.

Palibex will continue to promote actions to modernise the transport and logistics sector, starting by prioritising the happiness of its employees with measures for family reconciliation, equal opportunities or access to art, culture or sport.

Proof of this is the recent collaboration with the San Sebastian Film Festival, the participation in the Dakar 2018 or its constant involvement in artistic initiatives such as Truck Art Project, which turns trucks into canvases in motion, or PBX Creativa.

Truck Art Project already has the work of 27 prestigious artists (Abraham Lacalle, Santiago Ydañez, Marina Vargas, Okuda or Pantone, among others) and the art collection PBX Creativa integrates more than 10 large works of outstanding artists such as Ana Barriga, Suso33, Daniel Muñoz, Sixe Paredes, Antonyo Marest or Beusual that can be visited in the headquarters of Palibex.

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