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Growth And Innovation-Palibex
Palibex, five years of growth and innovation

Palibex, five years of growth and innovation

Report on the evolution of Palibex in the Special Road Transport of the magazine News Logística

When Palibex began its business trajectory in 2012, it faced the challenge of adapting this business model to our country in a sector controlled by large international logistics groups. To do this, it relied on the growth and innovation of the network of local franchisees that has grown year after year and guarantees geographical coverage of its shipments throughout the country in less than 24 hours.

Currently, the Network has 70 delegation in Spain -55 franchises and 15 distributors-, with a fleet that exceeds 500 trucks and employs more than 650 people. Last year it coordinated the delivery of 545,000 pallets, growing at an annual rate of 100,000 pallets, with a turnover of 38.5 million euros. These results have led the Financial Times to place Palibex in the ranking of the 1,000 fastest growing companies in Europe.

The most express service

Palibex continues to strive to modernize industrial pallets with services that bring them closer to sectors such as courier. After adding to its express (24 h.) and economic (48 h.) services, the a.m. (before noon) and the PBX HOY (direct deliveries on the same day), has incorporated a new service, the PBX 10. Delivering before 10 o’clock in the morning makes this network once again a pioneer in the Spanish market and one of the few pallet networks in Europe that are able to offer this demanding service.

A new Network design 

The success of Palibex’s new logistics network model is based on some keys that differentiate it, starting with the design of the network itself. All the pallet networks operate with a cross structure, in which the franchisees are connected to the central warehouse and not to each other. However, Palibex promotes direct contacts between its franchisees without the need for them to coordinate their merchandise through Madrid.

Among its lines of action for 2018, Palibex has set as objectives the opening of new regional hubs, the creation of new corridors and direct routes. It will soon be opening facilities in Barcelona – as a replica of the Madrid hub and operated 100% by its own staff – which will allow more international traffic and greater immediacy in deliveries.

Operational advantages

The efficiency of this logistics network is based on its operational advantages.  It is, for example, the only one with a rear loading and unloading system, which prevents trucks from entering the central warehouse, providing greater security and ten times lower breakage rates.

This operation could not be carried out without cutting-edge facilities, which is why Palibex operates in a central warehouse of 5,000 square metres, with 50 dock, to which only the operators in charge of redistributing the goods have access. The forklifts are electric, which avoids the emission of fumes on the merchandise and results in a greater cleanliness of the process.

Social commitment

Palibex wants to continue being a different company, starting by prioritizing the happiness of its employees with measures of family conciliation, equal opportunities or access to art, culture or sport.

Proof of this is the collaboration with the San Sebastian Film Festival, its participation in the Dakar 2018 or its involvement in artistic initiatives such as Truck Art Project, which turns trucks into canvases in motion, or PBX Creativa. This art collection includes more than 10 large-sized works by artists such as Ana Barriga, Suso33, Daniel Muñoz, Sixe Paredes, Antonyo Marest and Beusual, which can be visited at Palibex’s warehouse.


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